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NEW blog. Lama Surya Das likes to say, "The mind is a terrible thing to watch." So please watch mine! But oh, oh, fellow chatterers, where did I put it?

It lived in a cool, dark closet, sleek, shining, enjoying its own girth —my deceased mother's mink all in its enormity. - More [read more]
After smiling brilliantly for nearly four decades, I now find myself trying to quit. Or, at the very least, seeking to lower the wattage a bit. - Lear's [read more]
The elevator doors of my apartment building part, and there stands pearls and all—First Lady Barbara Bush. Light is steaming through her halo of white hair. She's as lovely as the angel Gabriel. - The Washington Post Sunday Magazine [read more]
Instead of chiffon or taffeta, their outfits will be tuxedos, with lavender cummerbunds and high heels. - Glamour magazine [read more]
My parents have moved back south after 15 years in Chicago, and the most noticeable change in their way of life—as far as I can tell—is that my mother now spends hours in the kitchen each month cooking food for families of dead people. - Southwards [read more]

The Sex Detective, The Washingtonian
My Time with the DAR, The Washingtonian
Nuns in the Cloister, The Washingtonian

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It's a thing good I've had 13 years to prepare for what's coming: I will be the beaming Christian mommy of a bar mitzvah boy on Saturday, May 26. - Times and Democrat [read more]
If you've taken a yoga class in the last five years, you have no doubt heard the haunting, gripping, soulful chants of Krishna Das. - [read more]
Your presence at the bedside is the greatest gift. But should you wish to offer some additional token of your care, concern, and fondness, the following items are fun alternatives to the usual well-intended fist of flowers or get-well card.
[read more]
Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., has had a ringside seat at NOW, the Ms. Foundation, and other hot-button women's groups for thirty years. - Faith and Feminism [read more]
George Harrison was the patron saint of every smart, mopey, and spiritually directed person I knew. "You're 'a George,' aren't you?" I'd say to people when I felt the unmistakable connection. - Beliefnet [read more]
It seemed to me that Beliefnet, back on its feet, needed an energy-boosting office redesign, so I turned to Nancy Santo Pietro, a Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui expert. - Beliefnet [read more]
As my mother lay dying, my family found comfort in collards.
- Vegetarian Times
[read more]

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